2020 Acrylic and Flashe on canvas.  21” x 40 “

September 19, 2020–January 3, 2021


November 9, 2020 - December 4, 2020


State 1

State 2

Jane Ehrlich's Artist Statement

Jane Ehrlich’s painting function in “2 states” one is seen in normal lighting and the other (2nd) is under fluoresced (black) lighting that activates the fluorescent paint. These states can be turned on or off. Each state has its own characteristics that inform each other.

Ehrlich interestingly only paints under normal light. Once finished she looks to be informed by the fluoresced light which has additional information something akin to an X-ray. In this state she discovers nuances not usually seen under normal lighting conditions.

Each painting in this series contain 3 elements:

1.The flat colored acrylic background.

2. White gestural paint creating interstices and interaction with the ground creating differences in tonality and sparks of light.

3. The ability to view the painting in 2 individual states. One normal light and the other black light that allows a fluoresced state.

To find out about the exhibition visit

36th Annual National Juried Contemporary Art Exhibition

Oct 10 - Nov 14, 2020

55 Noxon Street Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Window On Hudson is thrilled to announce its November artist, ​Jane Ehrlich: “LightShift,”  November 6th - November 30th, 2020.​  “LightShift,” a series of nonreferential light-filled paintings  are “...composed of straight, white, zig zag, and curvilinear layers of transparencies that interact  with the ground color.  At times the paint is loose and fluid creating tonal variations as well as a  thick opaque impasto.  The layering creates a strong presence of light with monochromatic  variations that suggest an active and atmospheric environment.   At times figure ground  dichotomies that present themselves as a single shape dominate the painting.” 

These works have allowed her to play with color, light and gesture that evolve from a single  color.  By mixing phosphorescent pigments with her acrylics Ehrlich gives us the opportunity to  see these works on canvas transform.   A painting can be viewed under normal light, but when it  is exposed to UV-A light a new spectrum of colors is exposed, presenting us with an alternate and  enhanced work.  This 'second state' was something Ehrlich discovered as the series developed  and her experimentation continued.   

When asked about the work, Jane says, “Most often the layering is integrated into the  ground color even when there is a defined shape.  As the series continues, the gestures become  more simplified, more minimal, the way I like to live."  When reflecting on her overall approach,  Ehrlich says “I search for a space within my paintings that I can coexist with.  I want to be in my  space and let the painting live in its own space.  I don’t want to be overwhelmed.  I want to look at  the painting and let it evolve, and slowly discover it’s nuances.  I wake often in the morning and  have a sense of “I need ORANGE.”  It is not only orange but a specific orange that I see and feel —  It is a need not a want, almost like food.  I let my mind and body tell me what I need.  When that  becomes clear, I enter my studio.” 

© 2020 Jane Ehrlich Art